Vampire Vape Premium E-Juices & E-Liquids

If you’ve got a sweet tooth that can’t be tamed, you need to sample some of the beastly flavours being served on our Vampire Vape menu. Crafted in Manchester, this brand has mastered the art of blending fruity flavours to create a refreshing and zesty vaping companion.

What You Can Expect From Vampire Vape E-Liquid

Aptly named after Breaking Bad characters, our range of Vampire Vape e-liquid is pretty kickass. Formulated from a secret recipe, and being a firm favourite of many seasoned vapers, Vampire Vape and the hit TV show are almost one and the same!

For those on a never ending search for the daddy of all day vapes, you need to get your paws on Heisenberg e-juice. As it’s composed of different layers, you’re able to pick out the fruity undertones with each inhale and distinguish the cool crystal after effect as you exhale. It’ll leave you wanting more!

But if you fancy yourself to be more of a Pinkman than a Heisenberg, we have something for you too. The Pinkman Vampire Vape creates a mouth watering fruit explosion on your palate, making you wonder why you ever opted for a different flavour e-juice in the past!

The 60% PG to 40% VG ratio allows you to create some impressive clouds, while giving you a subtle but satisfying throat hit. The concentration of PG also allows the flavours to be carried throughout your vaping session, meaning that you can taste each note unfold with every inhale and exhale.

Want to Find More Out About Vampire Vape?

If you want to know more about our selection of juices from this wicked brand, or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

You can speak to one of our Vape-angelists online, in store, or over the phone by calling 01274 593 182.