Sub ohm Tanks


Sub Ohm Tanks at E Cigarette Outlet

When it comes to supplying you with the best tech for your e-cigarette, we know just what you need. Our experienced Vape-angelists have years of vaping knowledge behind them to help guide you through the tech talk about sub ohm tanks you won't be able to get anywhere else.


Cloud Chasers Adore Aspire and Kanger Sub Ohm Tanks!

Two of the largest names in the vaping world, Kanger and Aspire sub ohm tanks offer some of the largest clouds of vapour in the market. Producing stunning thick, large clouds is what a sub ohm tank does best. Why, you ask? Well it's simply to give you a well rounded and intense flavour to enhance your vaping experience!

Our handpicked sub ohm tanks use a carefully concentrated amount of power to give full coverage heat to your favourite e-juice. Their product specific coils, such as Aspire's updated Atlantis 2 tank which carries a pre-installed 0.3ohm coil with a backup 0.5ohm coil, all allow for a far denser cloud all you cloud chasers out there will simply adore!


Kanger and Aspire Sub Ohm Tanks Producing Fantastic Flavour!

With their specially engineered coils giving an ohm below 1.0, our sub ohm tanks allow more of your favourite, finger lickin' e-juice to be vaporized. This produces a far larger cloud for a more intense, yummy vaping experience!

With each breath you'll experience a clearer, more intense flavour than the last. You never know, you may discover a subtle undertone to your e-juice you never would have experienced with other sub ohm tanks!


Get in Touch for Your Aspire and Kanger Sub Ohm Tanks!

We pride ourselves in delivering quality customer care. That's why our skilled Vape-angelists provide tech talk you can rely on. Whether you'd like help picking out your first sub ohm tank or whether you would simply like to know more about what we have to offer, get in touch with us on 01274 593182, visit our stores in the UK or drop us an email and our friendly Vape-angelists will be more than happy to help!