E-Cigarette Glasses and Sleeves

Many vapers consider a glass tank an indispensible part of their kit – plastic tanks can leak and don’t offer the same pure taste as glass. Of course, if you’re not gentle with your kit, bad things can happen – so it’s just as well that we offer spare e-cigarette glasses so you can always have a backup. You can also protect your tank with e-cigarette sleeves, designed to offer a bit of security as well as a stylish appearance.

Affordable Spare E-Cigarette Glasses

Glass tanks give you a purer taste than plastic – there’s no need to worry about chemicals leaching into your e-liquid – and provide better protection against leaks, but if you’re carrying your e-cig around with you all the time a few bumps and knocks are practically inevitable. Spare e-cigarette glasses mean you can easily replace the broken part in the event of such a tragedy.

Ideally you don’t want to break the glass in your e-cigarette in the first place, which is where e-cigarette sleeves come in – they can offer your glass tank a bit of protection as well as looking pretty fancy and adding a decorative edge to your kit. There are a range of different sleeves available, depending on the model you’re vaping with, so it’s easy to customise your kit exactly the way you want it.

Contact Us About E-Cigarette Sleeves

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