CBD Elite - Natural Mixer 10ml 300mg

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CBD Elite - Natural Mixer 10ml 300mg

The Natural Mixer is a flavourless e liquid that can be mixed with your favourite e-juice to create your very own blend. Many of us have a flavour that we vape all day and this enables you to add the benefits of CBD to your all day vape!

CBD oil is Cannabidiol extract from the cannabis plant in its concentrated liquid form. Used as a vape oil, it is heated and inhaled through an e-cigarette, vape pen or vaporizer. They come in small bottles for refilling your vape pen or vaporizer.

This e-liquid can be diluted with your flavour of choice or used as it is.

What are the effects of vaping CBD Eliquid?

Vaping helps to provide your body with CBD and is one method that is becoming popular, especially among smokers. While there are many known medicinal benefits of CBD, its effectiveness as an e-liquid in treating diseases and disorders has yet to be proven by the medical community. Neither do we make any claims of its effectiveness in dealing with medical conditions. We recommend that you undertake your own research by referring to reputable sources should you be interested in the subject.


Derived from Cannabis

CBD, together with THC, is a key ingredient in Cannabis. It is one of more than 60 compounds, known as “cannabinoids”, found in the marijuana plant.

Doesn't give a high

Unlike THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, so there's no high when taken. This is because it does not interact with the same receptors that produce the mind-altering effects of THC.

We use Pure Organic Hemp

Our CBD e-liquids are derived from pure organic hemp and do not contain any traces of THC.

Available in many forms

CBD has been recognised for its many health benefits, including reducing the effects of THC. It is available as oils, e-liquids, tinctures, capsules & more.


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