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Get Your Vamp On

Is your skin as pale as the moon and cold as ice? Do you find standing in front of the mirror does nothing for your appearance? Or do you have an unnatural liking for red meat? Then the company behind these amazing e-juices may be one of your kind! Vampire Vape anyone?

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Summer Vaping Tips: Safety and Flavour

With summer here and temperatures rising, there are some adjustments you should make when vaping to ensure that your experience is still as satisfying and safe as usual. Your sub ohm tank and mod batteries need to be kept at a safe temperature at all times to not only have their lifespan prolonged, but also to reduce risk factors. The only vapour that should rise from your e-cig when you vape is the one you puff out! Continue reading

The Advantages of Variable Voltage E-Cigs

E-cigarettes are not created equal. In fact, they vary greatly in terms of giving you the vapour production and flavour you desire, which means the search for the perfect e-cig is afoot. After all, there are many different devices out there, and many more are being created every day. Faced with that many choices you may find it difficult to choose just one – especially because it can sometimes be difficult to understand what it all means. Continue reading

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News Dust In

We think Charlie’s Chalk Dust is fabulous! They are a great e-juice creator, making an amazing array of juices that simply blow our minds with how flavourful and deep hitting they are. This is not your average Joe, ordinary flavours that are floating around in the e-juice stratosphere. So, sit back, relax and prepare to be blown away.

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Take a Step Back in Time with Perino

Everyone loves a good reminisce every now and then. Whether you’re remembering the good old days with your buddies or simply eating one of your all-time favourite childhood dishes (fish finger sandwiches followed by jelly and ice cream, anyone?), there’s always something that’s going to send you spiralling back to the good ol’ days of the past.

Even vaping has taken a step back in time. It may not have been a big thing while you were growing up, but it sure does bring about those nostalgic feelings through some of the most memorable e-juice flavours!

Perino is one particular brand that we look to when we’re looking to reminisce, and with good reason!

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Don’t Mist This Cosmic Fog!

If your mind is clouded in a fog of indecision, Cosmic Fog makes space for some delicious flavours that are perfect for your vaping needs. These juices are tested for an average of 7 to 10 months, to make sure that what everything is perfect from the first inhale. You’ll only always get the best possible quality with Cosmic Fog juices; they are filtered five times to ensure the best, most unique blends.

This brand brings you some classic American flavour. Cosmic Fog takes care of vapers from breakfast with Euphoria, to dessert after every meal with the land of Milk and Honey. These juices are made on Earth, but they taste like they’re from outer space!

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